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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Avoiding Vacant Dr. Phillips Rental Properties with Proper Signage

vacant dr. phillips rental propertiesVacant Dr. Phillips rental properties can be extraordinarily expensive for a property investor. If a vacancy lasts for above a couple weeks, it could burden you a whole year’s worth of yield, or more taking for granted you have mortgage expenditures to make for your property. To help you obtain qualified residents to move into your vacant rental properties, you can curtail the time limit a resident takes from searching out your property to signing a lease by employing good signage.

Acquiring good signage is one of the least difficult ways to attract residents to rent from your property. Frequently, when prospective residents see a “For Rent” sign, they will have an interest in learning more. If your “For Rent” sign is hard to find, difficult to read, or not aesthetically pleasing, then it could be a distractor from getting residents to sign a lease with you. The more you do to make the process of finding your property and learning more about it easy, the less time you will have to spend to fill your vacant Dr. Phillips rental properties.

Professional Signage

Attract residents to rent by getting a professional “For Rent” sign. A professional “For Rent” sign should have a clear, minimalist, and potent design. Some owners try to get away with scrap plywood or cardboard signs that are propped against the mailbox with sloppy handwriting and their phone number scribbled somewhere on it. Another step above this would be to find a sign at a hardware store. However, these signs tend to not have much room to add information or attract residents to rent. On the other hand, a property management company will have professionally made signs with a credible name and targeted information that can help renters trust enough to reach out to find more information.

Proper Visibility

The most important intent of having a sign is for people to gaze at it without having to travel out of their way to read it or not be able to find it at all. Inexperienced owners tend to put “For Rent” signs in the window or somewhere near the house. This can result in a longer period of vacant Dr. Phillips rental properties. However, the best way to help your sign to be the most visible to your prospective renters is to place the sign close to the street. Make sure to place the sign in an area that is open and clutter-free; away from any trees or plants so that it can stand on its own. Once you have your sign in a clean and open area, you could also put balloons or something else to make it stand out from the traditional yard signage. A combination of great signage and aesthetically pleasing curb appeal will go far in attracting residents to rent.

Include Important Details

The indispensable piece that supports an owner avoid vacant Dr. Phillips rental properties is to help residents uncover the main elements of your property. This can include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, total monthly rent, whether utilities are covered, and contact information- including a phone number and email address so that they can get a hold of you. If there is more room on the sign, you can also include information about the area, recent upgrades and improvements you made on the property, or anything else that might make the property stand out above the rest. If your sign does not have enough room, consider adding a flyer holder that can contain handouts that individuals can take and bring with them.

As unembellished as a sign might insinuate, it can have a sizable effect on attracting residents to rent, receiving extra information about the property, and making a decision whether they are interested in approaching you or not. As you establish the series of steps easier for residents with appropriate signage of your rental property, your rental vacancy time will lower and vacant Dr. Phillips rental properties will be an affair of the past.

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